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Most Important GS Topics To Be Revised In Final Weeks Before CSE/ IAS Exam



Most Important GS Topics To Be Revised In Final Weeks Before CSE/ IAS Exam

UPSC 2022: Revise these topics from GS 1 listed below to make the most of your final time before UPSC CSE 2022 and also successfully revise the UPSC GS1 Syllabus. 

Created On: May 13, 2022 17:31 IST
Modified On: May 13, 2022 17:46 IST

Target UPSC 2022: Prelims

Target UPSC 2022: Prelims

UPSC Civil Services or UPSC IAS Exam 2022 Prelims would be conducted on June 5, 2022. The aspirants are now in the final mode of revision and they should know the topics they need to revise in the final 20 days of their preparation. 


Check these topics listed below which are important for your preparation. Target UPSC 2022 (Prelims) is a series initiated by Jagran Josh to help the aspirants prepare in the right direction for UPSC CSE 2022. 

Target UPSC 2022 (Prelims): Topics essential for UPSC CSE

Here are the topics, you should go through if you are a UPSC CSE aspirant appearing for the Prelims this year. 

  1. Polity: Do not try to leave anything unrevised in Indian Polity. This is probably the only subject in which you can skip any topic. M Laxmikanth’s revision in total is essential which if you have studied well would take just 3 days at the most. 
  2. Indian History: You need to go through the Indian national movement especially after 1905 this year. Also, the aspirants need to take a closer look at the ancient historic buildings discovered this year and go through the chapters related to them. Vedic history and the Indian School of Thought are something that cannot be skipped.  For medieval Indian history, you should revise the topics that are strictly based on any new finding in the past year or any GI tag declaration, or any UNESCO heritage site locations. 
  3. Geography: Indian map and the world map should be revised at the last moment as well. This year Iraq and Palestine have been in news all over. So revising their physical features would help. Also revising Ukraine and Russia would be necessary. Going through exports and imports would also be helpful last minute.  
  4. Economy: Monetary policy and the share, debentures are essential to be studied this year with many IPOs being listed. Also studying GDP, Inflation and the banking system of India would help the students prepare for CSE 2022
  5. Environment: Any newly discovered species, or if any species are getting extinct or a new place in the Ramsar list, or International conventions related to Environment. Even the Government schemes designed keeping in mind the environment or climate change should be revised.   
  6. CSAT: Do not skip even one day of paper solving even if you are getting very good at it. It is essential that your reading and comprehension skills as well as logical reasoning and maths are brushed up. 

We suggest, that the candidates do not lose their cool during the revision process. You may revise whatever you lag in apart from the topics shared above. These are the most essential topics that should not be left or ignored before turning up for CSE Prelims on June 5, 2022. All the Best!

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