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Mira Kapoor enjoys a bowl of dalia; here’s why you should too



Mira Kapoor enjoys a bowl of dalia; here’s why you should too

Mira Kapoor is a fan of home cooked food, something she has often spoken up about. “Most of the time I enjoy eating home food,” she had said in an interview with

So when she returned from her all-girls trip to Dubai, where she enjoyed some exotic foods, it was not surprising to see that she decided to enjoy a bowl of dalia.


Take a look.


In the same interview, she had also shared that during the lockdown, she cooked “more than before”. “I cook for my family out of love, and these days it is more often than it used to be. It’s just simple home food every day. Once in a while, we cook pizza with cheese. But I have started to enjoy cooking simple wholesome Indian food,” she added in the same interview.

In previous post, Mira also shared that while she ‘has everything on a holiday’, the only rule she follows is “to have a warm breakfast”.


warm breakfast

“As a vegetarian, it’s usually a South Indian meal, and then something to mix it up,” she said as she shared a picture of a platter comprising Za’atar flat bread, a bowl of coconut chia pudding with berries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, goji berries, and raw honey, along with a plate of idli-sambar and chutney.

Coming back to dalia, why should you have it?

According to celebrity nutritionist and gut microbiome specialist Munmun Ganeriwal, one should “avoid having a late and heavy dinner at night”. As such, an “early and light dinner option” is dalia porridge, she mentions in her book Yuktahaar: The Belly and Brain Diet.


Dalia is considered a wholesome meal which is rich in fibre, has anti-inflammatory benefits, and helps prevent constipation.

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