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Jonathan Taylor: ‘It’s been amazing’ having Matt Ryan here



Jonathan Taylor: 'It’s been amazing' having Matt Ryan here

It became clear this past winter that at least some within the Indianapolis Colts were ready to move on from quarterback Carson Wentz after a single season working together, and Wentz was ultimately shipped to the Washington Commanders in March. 

Colts All-Pro running back Jonathan Taylor remarked he was “definitely sad to see Carson go,” but Indianapolis eventually landed one-time Most Valuable Player Matt Ryan from the Atlanta Falcons. Taylor spoke with reporters during a press conference and explained that he and others are welcoming Ryan with open arms. 


“It’s been amazing to have him here, just that presence, that energy that he brings,” Taylor said of Ryan, according to Myles Simmons of Pro Football Talk. “I mean, 14-year NFL vet, I mean all eyes, all ears — whatever he’s about to say, everyone’s tuned in because it’s going to be nothing but beneficial, [the] things that come out of his mouth. So, just having that leadership, that kind of person in the building, that 14-year vet — this guy has seen a lot of things.” 

Ryan struggled at times last season and, per ESPN stats, finished the campaign 18th among eligible quarterbacks with a 90.4 passer rating and 21st with a 46.1 total QBR. He, Taylor and the Colts hope a change of scenery will help the veteran signal-caller reclaim his best form this fall. 

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