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Jimin Birthday Project: Several beautiful art projects continue to be unveiled in celebration of #Jimtober

Jimin Birthday Project: BTS Jimin With the onset of October, Jimtober has officially started, and in this wonderful time, fans have unveiled multiple projects to commemorate his birthday as well as daily hashtags to keep them in the right mood all through the month.


On the 2nd of October, Korean illustrator Lee K. showed his love for Jimin on his birth month by unveiling a beautiful art piece of the idol as he did the year before. In a post shared to his Instagram account, the talented artist showcased a gorgeous and impressive oil on canvas work as part of his denial of language series. The artist is a well-known admirer of Jimin, whom he declares his muse and has produced exquisite depictions of him in recent years.



Japanese artist Mai Yoneyama the Chief Animation Director of the Japanese TV series “Kiznaiver” and famous 2D illustrator, also uploaded to her Twitter account a work inspired by Jimin. The illustration, which shows Jimin’s elegant beauty and grace, was based on his appearance on the story video for BTS’ 5th anniversary as Seoul Honorary Tourism Ambassadors as released by the Seoul Tourism Foundation.


Alejandro Vigilante is an Argentine artist who has previously declared himself Jimin biased. As expected, he ushered in Jimin’s month by sharing the #Jimtober tag along with several emojis to show his excitement. He has previously created wonderful artworks of Jimin as well.


Recently, various artists like Japanese shoujo manga artist and author of the popular and best-selling manga series Otomen, Aya Kanno, talked about Jimin describing his performance of black swan as follows:


“I am always on the lookout for beautiful things. I think if you see this you’ll understand why people are so into Jimin…”


The artist who has previously shown a deep appreciation for him and his songs did a beautiful illustration of Jimin from his iconic MUSTER Sowoozoo look back in August.


BTS Jimin Birthday Project


Indeed Jimin’s beauty continues to captivate the world, and this has inspired artists worldwide to create masterpieces. He is also seen as a representative of Korean Pop through art in the world’s major art centers like England and France.


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