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Imlie 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Nila Brainwashes Narmada Against Imlie



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Imlie 12th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie asks hospital receptionist if she could arrange B negative blood for Aryan. Receptionist says they are trying their best, but still unable to arrange it. Imlie continues to panic and asks every passerby if their blood is B negative. Narmada continues crying seeing Aryan’s condition. Nila signals Gudiya and asks her to take Arpita along and get tea and snacks for Narmada. Arpita says she will not go leaving maa alone. Gudiya insists and takes her away. Nila tries to brainwash Narmada against Imlie and says Aryan is getting into trouble continuously because of Imlie. Narmada asks her not to say that as Imlie saved Aryan many times and even now went to arrange blood for Aryan. Imlie continues to contact donors.


Nila tells Narmada that Imlie first puts Aryan into trouble and then saves him and says if Imlie had not insisted to work and taken Aryan along to get the report, Aryan would have been safe. She says Imlie first used her first husband to shift from her village to the city and then became a journalist, then she dumped her first husband and trapped Aryan and earned more money and fame via him; Imlie already misused 2 husband and will not hesitate to find a third one for her benefit

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