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BTS Wins Daesang At 2021 The Fact Music Awards For The Fourth Time In A Row

BTS took residence a complete of 5 awards: the Daesang, Artist of the Year (Bonsang), Listener’s Choice, Fan N Star Most Voted (Singer), and the U+ Idol Live Popularity Award.

In their Daesang speech, RM mentioned, “We’re grateful to have received such a big award. We’ve done and achieved a lot this year, from getting No. 1 on Billboard [Hot 100], performing at the Grammys, and going to the United Nations, but we weren’t able to see our fans. We regret this a lot, but since we’ve received so much love from afar, we were able to receive another big award like this. Since the words ‘let’s meet when this is over’ are becoming repetitive, I won’t say it anymore. We’re working hard at preparing for our October concerts, so let’s greet each other with a smile.”

Suga mentioned, “I wasn’t able to attend award shows last year because of my shoulder surgery, so I’m happy to be here today. In particular, I think the Daesang is an award given by ARMY. A lot of things happened this year, but I’m excited to think that we will be able to meet ARMY soon. I hope that soon Korea will be able to hold concerts again and we will be able to see Korean ARMYs as well. I want to meet ARMY all over the world.”

J-Hope mentioned, “I am most grateful to ARMY. I’ll also take this chance to say thank you to our staff members, who are always working hard and putting in long hours and much effort on our behalf. It’s thanks to our staff members that we were able to get here.”

V mentioned, “I came to Seoul when I was 17 [Korean age] and I am now 27 years old. I’m grateful to the members for staying by my side for 10 years. ARMY, I love you.”

Jin mentioned, “We’re also grateful to our family and our family at Big Hit, and HYBE as well. I think that our agency has put in a lot of work. ‘Permission to Dance’ and ‘Butter’ are all great songs, and ‘Life Goes On,’ which RM wrote for our album ‘BE’ last year, is also really good. Our agency has good ears for music. I think that we chose our agency well, so I hope that we can keep going forward with them and ARMY.”

Jimin mentioned, “If it’s been 10 years for Taehyung [V], then it’s been nine years for me. I think that my Seoul dialect has gotten better. I’m always working hard, so thank you to ARMY for watching over us.”

Jungkook concluded, “There isn’t much left of this year. I want to spend the rest of it making happy memories with ARMY. I miss you. Thank you very much!”

Check out the complete checklist of winners here, and the pink carpet here!

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