Blackpink Lisa: #YGTalkToUs and “LISA DESERVES BETTER” trend worldwide on Twitter as fans demand answers to why BLACKPINK’s Lisa was not allowed to attend the BVLGARI event


Blackpink Lisa: Just a day ago, many Lisa fans were disappointed as the CEO of BVLGARI announced that the idol will not be participating in the brand’s events in Milano this year. The BVLGARI CEOJean-Christophe Babin, explained that the BLACKPINK member will not be at the BVLGARI fashion show because her agency “prefers her not participating in events or shows.” The CEO also expressed his disappointment as he wrote, “Lisa is in Paris but unfortunately due to COVID her agency doesn’t want her to participate in the Event. Pity as we have an incredible Bvlgari event tomorrow in Milano and she won’t attend.


With three of the BLACKPINK members being in Paris for Paris Fashion WeekLisa recently departed from South Korea to join her members in France. Many fans were expecting Lisa to fly to France to participate in the fashion brand events and to participate in the BVLGARI event since she is the brand ambassador.


After hearing the reason Lisa will not be participating in the fashion brand events, many fans were angered as they felt Lisa was being unfairly limited to her activities since the other members were able to participate in their respective brand events.


Now, Lisa’s fans have taken to social media to ask YG Entertainment for a proper explanation as to why Lisa is not able to participate in the BVLGARI events as well as other events. Soon, #YGTalkToUs trended on Twitter, with many messages using the hashtag.


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