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Billionaire investor Mark Mobius sees India as best investment alternative to China with most economic opportunity

Mark Mobius, a German emerging markets fund manager who was born in the United States, considers India to be the best economic prospect for investments. He thinks India is capable of doing what the Chinese are. Mobius made his comments during an interview with Fox Business in which he discussed investing in China and how the severe government regulations there effect him and other investors.

China is ultimately headed in a very different way than when they began the reform effort, Mobius said in an interview with Fox Business. He also told the television station that he is directly impacted. He has an HSBC bank account in Shanghai, but he is unable to access his funds. He said that the Chinese government is limiting the amount of money leaving the nation. He also noted that he was unable to obtain an explanation for why they were acting in this way.

He said that China was erecting several obstacles. Said he, “No, you can’t withdraw your money, they don’t say. Yet they insist that we have access to all of your financial information going back 20 years. This is absurd. “According to a poll quoted by Fox Business, the majority of American businesses no longer consider China to be one of their top three investment priorities. When asked about the best economic opportunity investment option to China, Mobius says India. “India number one,” he remarked, “you have a billion people, and they can accomplish anything the Chinese can.” India is capable of the same type of production, he continued.


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